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  • Did you know… SCD is one of the 7000 rare diseases, which affects over 30 million Americans?
  • Did you know…SCD is an inherited disease, meaning that the disease is passed on from parents to children through genes. Genes are instructions that tell the body how to make all the different substances the body needs to work properly. Since SCD is inherited, the disease is present at birth.
  • Did you know…Anemia is a common effect of SCD, but it can be treated. In someone with SCD, red blood cells die early and not enough are left to carry oxygen throughout the body, causing anemia. Infection or enlargement of the spleen, an organ that stores red blood cells, may make anemia worse. Blood transfusions are used to treat severe anemia.
  • Did you know…SCD is thought to have developed in areas of the world where malaria is present, because sickle cell trait provides some protection from malaria.
  • Did you know…Sickle cell affects people of all ethnicities, including those of African, Middle Eastern, Latino, Asian, Indian, and Mediterranean ancestry. 

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